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Dollar Bills

We want to help you obtain your DBE!

A DBE certification or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certification defines your business as being owned, controlled and operated by government recognized disadvantaged groups. If you own a small business enterprise and belong to such group, you could potentially miss out on a comparatively less known revenue stream.

Therefore it is important to understand that, as a business owner, a DBE certification allows you to compete for government contracts, increasing your business’ profit.

Even during a recession, the government must continue funding its operations and stimulate growth. So if you are seeking small business certification, it is important to decide who your target customer is to see if a DBE certification is best for you and your company.

If you are a small business enterprise (SBE), then it is imperative that you understand the many different requirements and modalities of a DBE certification. If you meet the requisite criteria, you will have the chance to compete for several reserved government contracts that would not be available to you otherwise. This is a really great way of enhancing your business operations and revenue stream.

The best part of working with the government is that its expenditure never really stops, regardless of the state of the economy. And even during recessionary periods, the government has to continue to spend in order to stimulate growth and fund its many operations.

Please give us (LILA and Associates LLC) a call at 903-480-4500 or send a pm for additional information.

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